This Weeks Top Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Tyler and Christmas take a swing and miss, costing one of them the game, and we get to see what our jury members have been up to. That and more for this week’s top moments from Big Brother All-Stars. 

It’s getting down to the wire on Big Brother All-Stars, with only 5 houseguests remaining to fight for the grand prize.

This week, a huge move gone wrong came back to haunt Tyler and Christmas, and we got a look at how the jury members are fairing after they were eliminated from the game.

Here are the top moments from this week’s episodes of Big Brother All-Stars.

Tyler and Christmas Take A Swing And Miss

If you remember during last week’s triple eviction, both Tyler and Christmas wanted to make a big move by voting out Nicole.

They thought they had the votes, with Enzo being the third person to vote Nicole out. Little did they know, Enzo had no intention of getting rid of the The Big Brother 18 winner.

Fast forward to this week, and both Christmas and Tyler have targets on their backs for the risky move they played.

At first Cody was only going after Christmas, but that quickly changed after Tyler lied to Enzo, saying that Cody was coming after him.

Not knowing that Enzo and Cody have a final 2 alliance, Enzo told Cody everything that Tyler told him.

In the end Tyler was just too good of a player, and the houseguests had no choice but to eliminate the All-Star.

No Stopping Cody

I said this before, and I’ll say it again. Cody is playing an amazing game. I’ll even take it one step further and say I would not be surprised if he won the entire thing.

Not only did he win the HOH competition, but he also won the veto competition. The guy clearly knows what he’s doing, especially by aligning with Enzo, someone he knows he can trust.

He’s continued to stay one step ahead of everyone else, and votes out players strategically and not emotionally.

The question is though, will the other houseguests catch on to how well Cody is doing in the game, and make a big move to get him out. We already saw what happened to Tyler when he tried to make a big move.

The Jury’s Perspective

We finally got to see what Ian, Da’Vonne, Kevin, David, and Dani have been up to since leaving the house, and lets just say they were shook when they found out it was a triple eviction.

A lot of tea was spilled, and questions answered. Dani seemed to be the one who was most affected by getting voted out.

It also seemed like there was some animosity towards Nicole from Dani; and even though Cody voted Dani out she still wants him to win the game.

Da’Vonne is still struggling whether to forgive Nicole for lying to her about voting Ian out, and Ian has no ill feelings towards any of the houseguests for getting him out so early; and admits he should have played a better game.

Which two houseguests do you think will be next on the chopping block? Let us know your thoughts!

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