This Weeks Top 5 Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

There was a lot going on inside the ‘Big Brother All-Star’ house this week. Ian has a major revelation, Dani has a slip up, plus who was the latest houseguest to get evicted?

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Posted On: September 4th, 2020 12:02 pm pst

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This was a crazy week in the Big Brother house, where another OG was sent packing. 

A lot went down before the house guests nominated who they wanted to evict.  Here are the top 5 things we learned this week after watching Big Brother All-Stars. 

  1. Dani Is Stirring The Pot

Dani is playing her own game in the Big Brother house, but the question remains, is her strategy helping her or hurting her?

This all started when Dani decided to vote out Kaysar instead of Janelle, but this wasn’t a pity vote for the Big Brother Queen. 

Dani wanted to stir the pot, and place the blame on either Da’Vonne or Bayleigh. She explained that she knows the two girls are each other’s number ones, and by getting rid of one of them, she could be Bayleigh or Da’Vonne’s new number one.

Dani had one slight hiccup with her plan though. Before the vote, she told Cody what she wanted to do, and asked him to vote with her. Cody is now on to her, and doesn’t believe it was Bayleigh or Da’Vonne who voted to keep Janelle. 

That’s not all, Dani also had a slip up by revealing the Slick Six alliance. She told Tyler that Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, who are all part of the Slick 6, wanted to have a meeting.  The only problem is Nicole was in the room as well, and Nicole is not part of the Slick Six. Tyler played it off the best he could, but one has to wonder did Dani spill the beans to Nicole on purpose, outing Bayleigh and Da’Vonne?  

Dani could be next on the chopping block, Tyler, who has been playing a pretty impressive game, told Bayleigh and Da’Vonne what Dani is up to. 

The only thing is when it comes to  Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, if you swing, you better not miss. 

  1. Kevin Refuses To Be Enzo’s Puppet 

It’s no secret that the number one target was Kaysar this week, but Enzo had a major decision to make, and that’s who to put up against Kaysar. 

Enzo decided to throw in Kevin, knowing Kevin wouldn’t be going home, but Kevin was going to decide his own fate. 

During the Veto competition, Kevin stepped up and ended up winning.  Obviously he saved himself, forcing Ennzo to make another tough decision on who would replace Kevin. 

In the end Christmas gives Enzo permission to put her up for eviction, only because she knows that no one will vote for her.

  1. Ian Is Onto You 

Ian has been taking a back seat so far this season, and for good reason.  He has won a previous season of Big Brother, which makes him a major threat. 

We finally got to see Ian in action this week, and the guy is good. He’s able to figure out that Dani, Cody, Tyler, and Nicole are working together, and there are multiple sub alliances. 

Ian steps it up a notch, and instead of putting a target on his back by revealing the news to the entire house, he tells Kaysar the information. This all in hopes that Kaysar will out the alliances, since the Big Brother OG has nothing to lose. 

  1. Kaysar Spills The Beans 

Kaysar knows he’s going home, so why not leave the houseguests with one last parting gift.

He revealed the alliances, but there’s one person still sitting pretty on his throne, and that’s none other than Memphis. No one outside of Memphis’ alliance knows he’s pulling the strings. We got to give it to the guy, he’s playing a good undercover game. 

In the end  Kaysar is voted out of the house by every houseguests sending another OG home. 

  1. A New Head Of Household

It’s time to pick a new HOH, and it was a close one. In a game of memorization, Da’Vonne almost had it winning several rounds, but ultimately Christmas beats Da’Vonne giving her the power to put two people up for nomination. 

Who do you think Christmas will choose? We’ll have to wait until Sunday’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars. 

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