This Weeks Top 5 Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Another Big Brother houseguest is evicted, and Memphis comes up with a plan to secure a final 2 spot. Here’s what happened this week on Big Brother All-Stars.  

Another week of Big Brother All-Stars has come and gone, and the drama is getting more intense than ever.

The Committee still holds the power and a fan favorite is evicted from the house. Here’s a look at the top 5 moments from this week’s episodes of Big Brother All-Stars.

David Is Telling The Truth!

It seems like David just can’t catch a break in the Big Brother House. Before Ian’s exit, David, Da’Vonne, Kevin, and Nicole agreed to not vote for Ian; forcing Dani to be the tie breaker.

The plan almost worked, but Committee member Nicole decided to vote Ian out in the end. To make matters worse Dani found out that David wanted her to be the tie breaker in order for her to show who she was truly working with.

Dani, not being too happy about this, comes up with a plan to make everyone believe David voted out Ian instead of Nicole.

This was a hard one to watch, because you see David desperately trying to tell Da’Vonne he followed through with the plan. Multiple times Da’Vonne asked Nicole if she was the one who voted out Ian, in which she continued to deny.

Memphis Wants David Out

Memphis won the HOH competition, and his number one target was David; but instead of just putting him on the block, he decided to come up with a plan to backdoor the rookie player.

He ended up nominating Da’Vonne and Kevin, but insisted that neither one of them will be going home.

Memphis approached David and told him if he is chosen to play in the veto competition to not win, in return the HOH will offer him safety. Unbeknownst to David, Memphis has no intention of saving him.

Memphis tells Tyler and a couple other Committee members about his plan, and to let him win the Veto competition so he can backdoor David, but they are not here for it.

In the end Tyler ends up beating Memphis, and does not save Da’Vonne or Kevin. His reasoning for not wanting to follow through with Memphis’ plan was due to him not feeling David was a big enough threat; and has two other people on his radar, which leads us to our next moment.

Suspicions Arise Around Dani and Nicole

Before the Veto competition both Da’Vonne and Kevin were able to pick whomever they wanted to participate in the game.

Both houseguests picked Dani and Nicole to participate, which caused Tyler to get suspicious of the two women working with Da’Vonne and Kevin on the side.

Suspicions grew after Dani started campaigning to save Da’Vonne, which didn’t sit right with Christmas.

Christmas wanted Da’Vonne gone, so she devised a plan to get David to vote Da’Vonne out. How did she do this you might ask? She got David on her side by telling him the plan Nicole and Dani made to make it look like he flipped his vote last week.

Alliances Everywhere!

Memphis is starting to think weeks down the line, and he wants to make sure he secures that W for this season of Big Brother.

Memphis reveals he wants to go to the final 2 with Enzo because he thinks he can beat him. He comes up with a plan to make two separate final three alliances that involve Enzo, in hopes that one of those alliances will make it to the end.

In one alliance you have Memphis, Enzo, and Cody, and in the other you have Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas. Both alliances even have the same name: The Wise Guys!

A Queen Leaves the Big Brother House

Da’Vonne fought and fought, but it was not enough for her to secure the necessary votes to stay in the house.

To say she gave a good speech at the end is an understatement. Her speech was powerful, full of poise and class.

During her interview with Julie, Da’Vonne found out that Nicole lied and that David was actually telling the truth about not voting Ian out.

Da’Vonne is now unsure about her relationship with Nicole moving forward, due to her lie being personal. She told Nicole that she did not want to accuse David of lying on national TV, and even expressed that she would have understood if Nicole confessed to voting Ian out.

The stakes are running high as Julie revealed that three houseguests will be evicted next week in a surprise triple eviction, we also have the Big Brother neighbor twist with the legendary former BB winner Dr. Will Kirby to look forward to.

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