This Is Us S:3 The Graduates E:14 Review

School is out! Toby throws Kate a graduation ceremony. The Big 3’s graduation night. Deja’s essay may send her up a grade. Kevin starts drinking again. Randall and Beth hit a patch. And…Kate goes into labor! This was one intense episode. Hosts Candice Cruz and Danny Royce cover Episode 14, ‘The Graduates.’ 

Jack and his wife – who is very pregnant with triplets — have just moved into their new home in Pittsburg. Successful and handsome television actor Kevin is growing increasingly bored with his bachelor lifestyle. Randall — who was abandoned at a fire station by his father as an infant — is a stylish New York-based businessman working to raise two daughters with his wife, Beth. These people are among a group — several of whom share a birthday — of seemingly random individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

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