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What happens when the world depends on students turned master magicians to save the world time and time again? You get The Magicians, and more importantly you get THE MAGICIANS AFTER SHOW! We will break down and discuss each episode of this crazy show that keeps us on the edge of our seats, as well as our special segment, news and gossip surrounding the show and the cast, plus our predictions of whats to come!

Episode Recap

The gang must rapture all of Fillory and destroy it to make sure they take care of the Dark King, Julia and Penny’s baby is due any minute now, and a familiar evil returns for one final battle!
That’s right The beast is back from the underground and here to take the lives of everyone per usual. Luckily Zelda helps our heroes escape with the seed and sacrifices herself in doing so.
Margo, Alice, Fen, and Josh disappear after igniting the world seed to create a new Fillory and transport its subjects to their new land, while killing anyone that was left behind I.E The Beast and The Dark King, although the Dark King AKA Rupert does, it seem, get to live out his days with Jane Chatwin. So cute!
Elliott while feeling utterly more alone that he ever has finds solace in Charlton taking residence in Hyman’s body. It’s not the Dark King romance we we’re all hoping for but at least Elliott gets someone.
Penny and Julia welcome their baby only to find that it is killing Julia and so Dean Fog, back from the etheric realm, severs the connection that joins them. Except everyone thinks he’s crazy until they transfer his craziness into a cat (hey it wouldn’t be The Magicians if there wasn’t some weird unexplainable solution). They bring the baby to Penny who is now able to travel while holding her thus somewhat regaining his powers and Julia is safe. By the way did we mention that they named the baby Hope Quentin AKA HQ? Ok we’re crying.
Alice, Margo, Fen and Josh are all in the new Fillory which has a abundance of food that literally grows on trees, plus bacon fields, and knife trees! They deem the world livable and its time to release the Filorians. The literal mother of earth Fen hands it over to who she dubs High King Margo to do the honors. The entire series ends with Margo saying, “You guys know our lives are about to get even weirder in some insane way that we can’t possibly predict,” and Alice answering, “That’s how I know it’s our story.”
The after show was hosted by: Steph Sabraw, Adrian Snow, and Ty Matthews!

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