Things Got Heated On The Latest Episode of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’!

Things heated up when the subject of Dolores’ relationship was brought up, Dolores Catania storms out after Joe Gorga calls her “a broken woman”, all that and more happened on the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Wednesday night’s episode was all about relationships and things didn’t go too well when Dolores’ relationship with David came into question! Let’s get into what happened!

Throughout the episode, everyone was trying to get details about Teresa’s new boyfriend that she had been hiding from the cast. Only Melissa and Joe knew but they were sworn to secrecy (although Joe ended up spilling the beans). She decided to open up about how she met him but still wanted to keep a few details to herself(like how serious they are about each other).

Well, Joe let it be known that Teresa is in love with her boyfriend and Teresa confronted him like a big sister at realtor Michelle’s cocktail party. So that’s the first thing that got Joe in hot water! Here’s the moment Joe told a little too much:

Next, was the explosive moment between Dolores, Joe, and the cast! We all have seen how sweet Dolores is with such a big heart but we also know, she does not play when you upset her! Dolores rarely goes off but Wednesday night definitely pushed her to that point!

Dolores caught the women discussing the fact that her boyfriend David brought her a car but still no engagement ring. They were saying that it seems like David is just buying time so he still doesn’t have to propose.

Well, Joe entered the discussion saying that Dolores’ ex-husband Frank ruined her when he messed up their marriage and because of the hurt she’s experienced, she’s “a broken woman.” My jaw dropped everyone!!! I don’t know why Joe thought all of this was okay to say but Dolores was UPSET! She told Frank she was ready to leave, said “F You” to everyone, and stormed out!! You can watch a preview of what Joe said here:

I don’t know where Dolores’ feelings will stand with the cast from here but I’m sure we’ll see during the next episode. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey airs every Wednesday night at 9pm PST.

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