These Celebrities Had The Cutest Valentine’s Day!

It’s no secret that celebs go BIG for their significant others! Which celebration was your favorite?!

These celebrities took extravagance to a whole new level this year! In a time where we all had to get creative for the holidays, here’s how your favorite celebrities serenaded their significant others:

Saweetie And Quavo

Quavo and Saweetie ALWAYS show up and show out for each other so when they posted their Valentine’s celebration, it was no surprise that it would be big!

Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan

This new couple is TOO CUTE!! Michael B. Jordan went all out for Lori Harvey! From renting out an aquarium to buying her stock at Hermēs, their Valentine’s Day hit the top of the list!

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy

They’re relationship has seemed so full of love! As the pair are almost finished with their new home, Jeezy had a cute dinner date night prepared for them!


DaBaby put an adorable twist on Valentine’s Day! He planned a huge surprise for his daughter and in the midst of it all, he made a song about her that included snippets of her voice! This celebration melted my heart!

MoneybaggYo And Ari Fletcher

MoneybaggYo filled the place with Ari’s name in roses and it was the cutest! He also treated his daughters and niece to pedicures and some shiny new jewelry! Their day was SO…STINKIN…ADORABLE!!

Whether you had a big celebration, a small one, or simply spent Valentine’s Day treating yourself! I send you a big virtual hug and hope you had an amazing day!

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