There’s No Shortage Of Toilet Paper In Weho! – S08 E13 ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap & Review

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7 seasons in and the Vanderpumps are as amazing as well! Sip all the tea with us on THE AFTERBUZZ TV VANDERPUMP RULES AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we break down each episode every week with insight and special guest appearances from the cast! Join us with your thoughts in the live chat on youtube and subscribe and comment here to stay up to date on all things Vanderpump!

Episode Recap

In this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval and Max decide to TP Jax’s house, but what Randall has in store for payback gets everyone shook, especially Katie. When she doesn’t think the prank is funny, she’s crying and upset but Tom Schwartz says some REALLY hurtful things to her, which ends up in a huge fight. Brett invites Scheana to be on his YouTube channel, but she’s really upset when he calls her a “middle-aged woman.” Katie throws a girls’ night and invites everyone but Kristen, and when Kristen finds out, she’s really upset. At girls’ night, Lala confronts Raquel, and the two go back and forth as the other girls witness the showdown. Meanwhile, James has been sober for a week and goes to his second AA meeting, and Lisa flies to London for her mother’s funeral.

This After Show Was Hosted By: Rivet Soro (@rivetsoro), Jane Johnsen (@janejohnsen_), Katie Thompson (@littlebabykates), Archie Jay (@archiejayspeaks)

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