“There Are a Few Things I Haven’t Told You” Season 3 Episode 11 ’13 Reasons Why’ Review

Hosts Danny Royce, Chae’ Jones and Monica Ortega are talking season 3 episode 11 “There Are A Few Things I Haven’t Told You” Clay is feeling the pressure as the police close in on him, Tyler confesses his sexual assault to Jessica and tells her she made a difference to him, we finally find out just what happened during the Homecoming game, Jessica confronts Monty and Clay asks Tony’s help him disappear. Plus our special segment “Whodunit” and join our conversation!

The 13 Reasons Why After Show:

We’re going beyond Hannah’s cassette tapes on the THIRTEEN REASONS WHY AFTER SHOW. We’ll fill you in on everything going on in the halls of Liberty High and behind the scenes, too. This is heavy content, and with heavy content you need serious discussion. Join us as we have conversations on the content while bringing in members of the cast to talk about their experiences on the show.


Thirteen Reasons Why is a 2007 young adult novel written by Jay Asher. The book was published by RazorBill, a young adult imprint of Penguin Books. The paperback edition hit #1 on the New York Times best-seller list in July 2011.

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