‘The White Lotus’ Predictions: Who Is Most Likely Dead?

We are more than halfway through season 2 of The White Lotus, so let’s take a look at some predictions for who might end up dead in Sicily!

The White Lotus is nearing the end of its sophomore run… and with it comes the reveal of whose lifeless bodies are bobbing up and down in the Mediterranean Sea. The Season 2 premiere of HBO’s luxury hotel dramedy kicked off with a flash-forward that promised someone would end up dead this season, just like they did in the first; only this time, there’s more than one victim. In the flash-forward, Daphne took a final dip in the sea only to bump up against a floating corpse, running screaming back onto the beach, and hotel staffer Rocco later admitted “a few” dead bodies were discovered out there. So with just two episodes left, which of this season’s characters won’t survive long enough to leave Sicily?

First, let’s eliminate some people: Daphne is clearly alive, as are hotel manager Valentina and staffer Rocco since we saw them in the flash-forward. Rocco also told Valentina that “one of the guests has drowned” and “other guests have been killed,” so that means front desk clerk Isabella, piano player Giuseppe and Lucia’s male acquaintance Alessio are likely safe since they’re not hotel guests. (We also don’t think the dead bodies are characters we haven’t met yet because that’d be anticlimactic.) But that still leaves plenty of possibilities among Season 2’s sprawling cast. So grab an Aperol spritz and join us as we take a closer look at all of the other candidates, reviewing all the clues so far and making an educated guess as to who might end up fish food.


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Sure, Albie’s aging grandpa could just kick the bucket with no foul play involved, but Rocco did say the guests were “killed,” so we don’t think this is a natural-causes type of situation. Dom is certainly annoyed with him, as is Albie, but he doesn’t seem like he’d get involved in any conflict that would leave him sleeping with the fishes.


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We suppose it’s technically possible that the wonderfully loopy socialite played by Jennifer Coolidge could meet her end, but c’mon, she’s The White Lotus‘ star attraction. Would Mike White really kill her off, especially when he can bring her back again for the just-announced Season 3? Nah, we’re putting this one as a very distant longshot.


We were initially charmed by the friendly gay Englishman played by Tom Hollander, but after the shocking sight that ended last week’s episode, we know he’s not being entirely truthful. Is he a scammer just pretending to be rich? And could he wind up scamming his way to an early grave? We can’t rule it out at this point.


The happy and horny “nephew” tagging along with Quentin’s crew will clearly go to great lengths to keep the gravy train running. We also know he’s a casual criminal, after his dine-and-dash act with Portia, and he hasn’t been entirely truthful, either. We’re keeping a close eye on this one.


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We’d hate it if poor Portia, who’s being dragged around the world by her wildly inappropriate boss Tanya, would end her Sicilian trip in a body bag. She does seem to like the danger that Jack promises, though. We’re thinking she’s safe… probably.


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Tanya’s estranged husband is coming back at some point after ditching her to fly back home. And we already know he has serious health problems, although those seem to be mostly behind him. Maybe he comes back and discovers Tanya has moved on, leading to a fatal encounter? Or maybe she seeks revenge for his perceived betrayal? There’s already a prediction of doom from the fortune teller so eventually, time will tell.


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The future does not look particularly bright for this effervescent Sicilian call girl. She even said to herself that “all whores are punished in the end.” Plus, she might be playing poor innocent Albie for a fool. It wouldn’t completely stun us if she winds up receiving the ultimate punishment for her wanton ways. (Note: We’re counting Lucia and Mia as “guests,” since they have keys to Dom’s room and Rocco might not know they’re not paying customers.)


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Lucia’s slightly more innocent friend has also been turned on to the benefits of having sex for money, and she’s dead-set on starting a career as a musician. Perhaps her ambitions lead her to make a mistake that proves to be her last one on this earth? Remember, last season, it was hotel manager Armond who died, so it would be in keeping with The White Lotus‘ themes if a less privileged local didn’t survive while the pampered guests got away free and clear.


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The mopey dad played by Michael Imperioli has been down in the dumps since he cut off Lucia and recommitted himself to his marriage. Plus, now he’s seen his own son Albie taking up with the very same woman he just enjoyed the company of. He’s in a bad place, to be sure, and if his wife back at home dumps him for good, he may be despondent enough to do something that spells his doom.


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Oh, poor sweet Albie. The little lamb is determined not to be a cheating jerk like his dad, but that determination may lead him to mess with the wrong people, especially after he saw Lucia getting handled roughly by Alessio. Sadly, with his misguided hero complex, we think he’s a prime candidate to bite the dust.


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At first, we thought Daphne’s sleazy husband was the one comforting her when she ran onto the beach in the flash-forward, but upon review, it actually looks to be a stranger. That means he could possibly be the dead body she spotted, and he does still owe Lucia money, not to mention how much Harper despises him. On one hand, we’re pretty sure Daphne would recognize her own husband’s body floating next to her. But on the other hand, it’s pretty strange that she was on that beach by herself, right? So it’s probably not Cameron… even though maybe it should be.


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Harper’s geeky husband has been in a dark place since his night of debauchery with Cameron, and we know Harper is plotting to get back at him somehow. We don’t think she’d actually kill him, but whatever unholy vengeance she unleashes on him could send him on a downward spiral that leads to his demise. But again, we’re thinking Daphne would recognize his body, too.


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Oh no, Harper is not ending up dead. If anything, Harper will make sure other people end up dead.

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