The Walking Dead S:3 | Walk With Me E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Walking Dead. In this episode host Dave Klein breaks down the episode “Walk With Me,” in which, while investigating the crash of a military helicopter, Andrea and Michonne are captured by survivors from Woodbury, a small barricaded town with 73 residents. Hospitality is provided to both women and Merle Dixon, last seen in Season 1, is revealed to be part of the group. The leader of the community, known only as The Governor, tries to win over the two women though Michonne remains wary. Meanwhile, the sole survivor of the crash, Welles, informs The Governor that he was scouting for a group of ten soldiers who survived their base being overrun. The Governor leads a team to Welles’ squad and kills them all for their vehicles, weapons, and supplies. In his residence that evening, unable to sleep, the Governor rests with a glass of whiskey in a private room watching three rows of aquariums filled with preserved human heads; among them that of Welles. In the special segment, they premiere Sir Richard Wentworth’s (the voice of AfterBuzz TV) music video the Unliving Dead. There to help Dave are co-hosts Derrial Christon and Kristin Carole. It’s Walking Dead’s “Walk With Me” podcast!

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