The Walking Dead S:3 | Home E:10 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Walking Dead. In this episode host Dave Klein breaks down the episode “Home” in which, with Woodbury trying to recover from the recent attacks and the Governor emotionally compromised due to the loss of his daughter, the Governor decides to cede leadership of Woodbury to Andrea. However, he privately confides to Milton that he does not fully trust her and leaves the town without informing her. After helping another group of survivors flee a group of walkers, Daryl and Merle begin to have second thoughts about leaving the prison. Meanwhile, at the prison, the situation is worsening as more walkers are entering from the front side of the prison, and are retaking areas that had been previously cleared. Rather than take charge of the situation, Rick wanders the outskirts of the prison following his hallucinations of Lori. Suddenly, the Governor and several of his men attack the prison, killing Axel and destroying the prison’s outer gates, allowing walkers to enter the outer yard. Despite losing a henchman in the ensuing firefight (killed by Maggie), the satisfied Governor retreats. Rick is cornered by the incoming walkers, but is saved by Daryl and Merle. All three look on as walkers wander the outer yard. There to help Dave are co-hosts Derrial Christon, Kristin Carole, Nando Velasquez. It’s Walking Dead’s “Home” podcast!

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