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AFTERBUZZ TV – Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Walking Dead. In this episode host John Comerford breaks down the second season premiere episode “What Lies Ahead,” in which the group heads to Fort Benning but is blocked by a pileup of vehicles on the interstate and further delayed when the RV blows a radiator hose. A depressed Andrea expresses resentment towards Dale for not being allowed to die in a way of her choosing, since he forced her to save him from the CDC explosion; contrarily, he feels he saved her. Shane tells Lori he has decided to leave the group when he has the chance. The group narrowly avoids most of a herd of walkers passing the pileup, but two of them chase Sophia into the woods. Rick distracts and kills her pursuing walkers, but she goes missing in the process. During a search for Sophia, the group stops at a rural church, at which point Andrea privately asks Shane if she can join him when he leaves the group. As the search continues, Rick, Shane, and Carl come upon a buck; as Carl approaches the animal a gunshot passes through the deer into him. There to help John are co-hosts Phil Svitek and Ben Bottomley. It’s Walking Dead’s “What Lies Ahead” podcast!

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