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AFTERBUZZ TV – Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Walking Dead. In this episode host John Comerford breaks down the “Chupacabra” episode in which the survivors continue to search for Sophia, but Hershel is growing increasingly concerned about their presence on his land for unclear reasons. Shane and Rick argue over whether or not to continue the search, with Shane arguing that it’s time to cut their losses and leave. Rick is angry with him but later begins to wonder whether Shane is right. While out searching for Sophia, Daryl finds her doll but subsequently falls off a ridge and is badly injured. He has hallucinations of his brother Merle but snaps out of it in time to deal with two attacking walkers. He then finds the strength to climb up the ridge and return to the farm. He eats squirrel, raw, and as he approaches the farm, face bloodied and limping, Andrea mistakes him for a walker and shoots him in the neck, wounding him. Maggie passes a note to Glenn asking to meet for a sexual encounter. Glenn passes it back, saying to meet in the barn. A horrified Maggie attempts to stop him, but she is unable to prevent him from discovering that the barn is full of captured walkers. There to help John is co-host Phil Svitek. It’s Walking Dead’s “Chupacabra” podcast!

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