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AFTERBUZZ TV – Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Walking Dead. In this episode host John Comerford breaks down the episode “Better Angels” in which the group holds a brief funeral for Dale. Rick asks the group to stay united, despite Dale’s warning that the group is “broken”. They work together to prepare for the coming winter, by stockpiling supplies and clearing walkers from the surrounding area. However, there is still the issue of what to do with Randall. Rick ultimately decides to honor Dale’s memory by sparing Randall’s life and plans to drop him off somewhere far away from the farm. However, Shane frees Randall from the barn and leads him into the forest, where he breaks Randall’s neck. Shane then returns to the farm and tells the rest of the group that Randall escaped. Rick, Shane, Glenn, and Daryl go into the forest to track him down. Glenn and Daryl split off from Rick and Shane and encounter Randall, who has somehow turned into a walker, despite the lack of evidence of his having been bitten or scratched. Glenn then kills Randall again, by impaling him through the head with a machete. Meanwhile, Rick tells Shane to admit he plans to murder him. Shane holds Rick at gunpoint and they argue about who would be a better father to Carl and husband to Lori. Rick talks Shane into putting his gun down. Knowing he has to kill Shane, he stabs him in the heart. Carl arrives and appears to have pulled his gun on Rick, but then aims behind his father and puts a bullet into the head of a reanimated Shane (who, like Randall, also had no evidence of being bitten, and who – after Rick stabbed him – seemed to experience intense and disturbing zombie-like thoughts). Meanwhile, a massive number of walkers, drawn by the gunshots, are shown headed towards them. There to help John are co-hosts Phil Svitek, Keven Undergaro and Ben Bottomley. Also in studio is special guest Matt D’Andria (from Adam Carolla’s CarCast podcast). It’s Walking Dead’s “Better Angels” podcast!

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