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AFTERBUZZ TV – The Walking Dead edition, is a weeklyafter show for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead that features hosts breaking down the episode. In this show, host Stewart Lill breaks down the episode “Wildfire,” in which, while the dead are being buried, Andrea remains protective of Amy’s body until it reawakens as a walker, whereupon Andrea then apologizes and kills Amy again. Jim reveals that he was bitten by a walker in the fight, and the living members of the group decide to take him to the CDC, though there are signs of conflict between Shane and Rick, as Shane believes the trip to the CDC is a dead end. One family from the group splits away, deciding to return home to Birmingham, Alabama, and the remaining members depart for the CDC. On the way there, while making repairs to the RV, Jim decides he wants the group to leave him so he can be reunited with his dead family (either figuratively in the hereafter or, perhaps, literally as a walker). The group continues on, arriving at the CDC building, where a scientist, Edwin Jenner, who isolated himself while running tests on the walker virus, has just lost his only virus test sample and is considering suicide. When the group prepares to leave, thinking the building is empty, Rick notices the camera moving and begs for his group to be allowed in. The doors open as the group of survivors looks on, astonished. There to help Stewart are co-hosts Phil Svitek and Lowell Meyer. In the special segment, they discuss whether this episode was underwhelming for a 6 episode season. It’s The Walking Dead’s “Wildfire” episode!

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