The Walking Dead S:1 | Tell It to The Frogs E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – The Walking Dead edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead that features hosts breaking down the episode. In this show, host Keven “Kwow” Undergaro breaks down this episode “Tell It to The Frogs,” in which, after returning to the camp with the department store survivors, Rick has an emotional reunion with his wife and son. Soon afterwards however, despite encountering a walker near camp, Rick decides to go against Shane’s advice and return to Atlanta to retrieve Merle Dixon and the bag Rick had dropped in the street when surrounded by zombies, which contained guns and a walkie-talkie he needs to warn Morgan against going to Atlanta. Rick is accompanied by Merle’s upset and distrusting younger brother Daryl Dixon as well as Glenn and T-Dog. Lori warns Shane to stay away from her family now that Rick has returned. Rick’s return is a surprise, since Shane had told her Rick had died in the hospital. Tensions run high in the camp between a woman, Carol, and her abusive husband, Ed. A fight breaks out when Ed hits Carol and threatens the other women, and Shane takes out his anger on Ed by nearly beating him to death. The rescue team makes it to Atlanta and, once they are on the department store roof, they discover a hacksaw, Merle’s dismembered hand, and blood on his handcuffs, but he is nowhere to be found. There to help Kwow are co-hosts Phil Svitek and Stewart Lill. In the special segment, they discuss the appeal of a zombie TV show. It’s The Walking Dead’s “Tell It to the Frogs” episode!

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