“The Vianna and the Long Haitian” Season 5 Episode 19 ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Review

This week on black ink crew chicago, @king_Carma_ and @keykeyboomboom  discuss Niques plans to surprise Charmaine with a marriage proposal, but we had to address the rumors too.. Do we believe Evanetta? naahhh we’re not buying it .. we need more proof VH1.. Evanetta isn’t a credible source at ALL.  meanwhile van side steps the BS and gives the 9mag crew a much needed history lesson .. Phor has a new boo but he Knows his heart is still with Nikki.. Speaking of which it was good to see Nikki and Jen reunited with the crew .. meanwhile, Jen is unphased by the rumors “what happens in vegas, STAYS in vegas”

Black Ink Crew is an American reality television series that airs on VH1 and debuted on January 7, 2013. It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American-owned and operated tattoo shop in Harlem, New York.