The Vampire Diaries S:3 | The Departed E:22 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Vampire Diaries edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Vampire Diaries. In this show, host DJ Jesse Janedy breaks down the episode “The Departed” in which, determined to protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that will change everything. In the harsh reality of the present situation, Elena longs for simpler times when her parents, Grayson and Miranda, and Aunt Jenna were still alive and her biggest concern was her relationship with Matt. Stefan and Damon leave Mystic Falls together on a mission, but soon split up when Elena needs one of them. When Alaric reveals to the founder’s council that they are vampires, Caroline and Tyler are forced to make a life-changing decision and flee from Mystic Falls at the urgency of their parents. Alaric kills Klaus (who was revealed to have made Damon’s, Stefan’s, Caroline’s, Abby’s and Tyler’s bloodline). Bonnie finally makes a secret deal to reincarnate Klaus in the body of Tyler so that her friends wouldn’t die (however no one else knows this, as they all believe that Klaus was lying about being the head of their bloodline). Elena has to decide without knowing that Klaus is not really dead to see Damon or Stefan. She rings Damon to tell him that she is going to Stefan and that is who she chooses to be with and says “Maybe if we met first…” It is then shown in a flash back that Damon and Elena met the night of the car crash involving Elena and her parents, but after meeting her, Damon compelled her saying that “No one can know I’m in town yet.” Elena and Matt get into a car crash (while this is happening Elena is having flashbacks to when her and her parents were dying in the car). When Stefan comes to save them, she signals him to save Matt instead of her, killing her, which made Alaric go down with her (he then says goodbye to Jeremy in ghost form). At the end of the episode Dr. Fell reveals to Damon that Elena wasn’t suffering from a concussion, but a bleeding in the brain and that she did what she had to do to save her, by giving her vampire blood. There to help DJ Jesse are co-hosts Emily Harbert, David Schifilliti, and Billy Nilles. It’s Vampire Diaries’s “The Departed” podcast!

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