The USB – S1 E2 ‘Devs’ Recap & Review

When cutting edge technology can pave the way for progress in more ways than one, he who holds the power can make choices that affect everyone. Join us every single week as we break down each episode of this phenomenal series. With plot discussion and character breakdowns and analysis, subscribe to the DEVS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST to stay up to date.

The “fuzzy projection” is finally revealed to us and Forest lets the Senator in on what Devs is creating, a prediction algorithm. After Sergei’s death, Lily returns to work but is paranoid that she can’t trust those around her. She confides in Jen and goes to speak to Kenton about the findings centered around Sergei’s death. Lily has a mental break down and ends up outside of Kenton’s office on the edge of the building. Lily and Jen appear to be working together. They ride off together and Jen gives USB to Lily containing the footage from the night of Sergei’s death. Lily and Jamie watch the USB footage together.
This show was hosted by Ashley Dior Jones and Tyler McKinney

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