The Truth – S1 E4 ‘The Most Dangerous Animal Of All’ Recap & Review

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Zodiac. The name itself holds hundreds of stories. Here on the AFTERBUZZ TV MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF ALL AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re going to discuss the Hulu based docu-series all about the man whose father might be the Zodiac Killer. We’re going to discuss all the facts, all the mysteries, and all the secrets as we break down the series episode by episode. Join us for our special segments, news and gossip, and all of our predictions!

Episode Recap

Provided with DNA evidence that seems to connect his father to the Zodiac killer, Gary forges ahead to uncover the truth, but the cracks in his story become full-blown discrepancies, as he is fact-checked by private investigators.
Susan Mustafa, the co-author of Gary’s, “The Most Dangerous Animal of All’ book is confronted by producers of the docu-series about facts that Gary embellished, so she begins her own investigation to get to the truth.
As the theories Gary Stewart developed about his father are disproved, we see the struggles he, his mother, Susan Mustafa and all parties involved go through at this surprising conclusion.
This After Show Was Hosted By: Latoya Blakely (@latoya.blakely), Lisa Masi (@lisammasi), Cody Epperson (@codyyepp)

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