The Titan Games S2 E2-5 Recap & After Show: We Will Rock You!

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THE ROCK IS BACK! And he has a whole new reality competition show! He believes that people can be the best, and we believe it too! Join us for THE TITAN GAMES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where we’ll break down all the fitness, the tears, the sweat, and drama! From professional perspective to opinionated predictions on the contestants, we’ve got it all! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on everything that The Titan Games has to offer!

The Titans are here!! We recap episodes 2-4 and dive into episode 5! What a season this has been so far and it just keeps getting better! We asked for a competition and The Rock, his Titans and the new competitors definitely delivered!

Episode 2 saw a face off of Michael and Kaleb, with Kaleb being victorious and moving on to face Titan Joe. Kaleb was unsuccessful at beating Joe but would have a chance for redemption later on. We also saw Dani versus Nadi, where Dani took it all, including her trip to Mt. Olympus, where she faced off against reigning Titan, Chantae. Episode 3 brought the last night of the competition for the Central Region, with face offs of three competitors, Steven vs. Matt vs. Kaleb and Chantae vs. Claressa vs. Jaime. Matt and Jaime were the winners in those heats and headed to Mt. Olympus to face Joe and Dani, the reigning Titans. Matt and Dani both won their heats and became the Central Region Champions.
Episode 4 took us to a new region to see the Best of the West. Military brothers, Eric and Noah competed against one another with Noah winning and heading to Mt. Olympus. Noah took on Titan and Super Bowl champion, Victor and was able to get a big lead and defeat Victor. New competitors Natalie and Kelly competed for the chance to face Titan and American Ninja Warrior Champion, Jessie. Kelly won not only every competition against Natalie, but also at Mt. Olympus against Jessie.
Episode 5 gave us a showdown of Mitch and Exodus, who both had amazing personal stories of what lead them to being in the arena! Exodus ended up winning both heats. We also saw Margaux versus Kelly, both fierce competitors. Margaux won both heats, claiming her sister who passed away as motivation and headed to Mt. Olympus. At Mt. Olympus, Margaux faced reigning Titan, Kelly and won. Exodus faced reigning Titan, Noah, but was unable to win the competition against Noah. We will see Kelly and Exodus both later in the season when they try for another chance to get to Mt. Olympus!
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