“The Settlement Factory; Please Come Forward” Season 2 Episodes 2 & 3 ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Recap & Review

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In episodes 2 and 3, numerous victims elaborated on their abuse under the hands of global superstar R. Kelly. His younger brother Carey stated R. Kelly tried to bribe him; his older brother said the girls knew they were being videotaped. According to his first underage victim, a budding singer, R. Kelly used her to bait other girls, usually around the age of 14 and 15. She repeatedly watched him have sex with the aforementioned girls she brought to his condo before he eventually turned his abuse towards her. It was also well-documented that R. Kelly used NDAs to silence his victims over the years. Many women stated that he shared his past sexual abuse stories in order to gain their trust and eventually manipulate them. One point made clear throughout both episodes: “He [R. Kelly] can smell a wounded woman a mile away.”
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