The Rookie S:1 Caught Stealing E:13 Review

Caught Stealing (S1 E13) its all about following the spirit and not the letter of the law with all three of our Rookies learning more about themselves as the navigate a missing drug money, how to find an apartment, and not taking advantage of the badge special treatment. West was so busy with a stick up his back that he kept making wrong choices till reminded how Lopez had his back when he froze in the field. Chen used a murder for a good deal on rent (LA apartment searching is MURDER). Poor innocent  Nolan has NO idea how much rent is in LA (if only we all have a fairy rich godfather). Leave your comments and see you next Tuesday for an all new Rookie! 

Nathan Fillion returns to TV as John Nolan in The Rookie. This show is all about second chances and showing that it’s never to late for you to try something new. If you’re a fan of Crime dramas such as Criminal minds, Law and Order, Blue Bloods etc… you will not want to miss this show! Each week the panel will discuss a new episode while bringing you fun segments as well as news and gossip.