The Rise of El Chapo – S2 E4 ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Recap & Review

If you loved Narcos, you’re going to love the spinoff Narcos: Mexico! Our hosts will break down all the episodes, diving into the world of DEA agents, drug cartel, and drama! The AfterBuzz TV NARCOS: MEXICO AFTERSHOW will be here for every episode with special segments and predictions of what’s to come!

Felix is seen entering the prison Don Neto is located in, however it’s not a pleasant visit but rather a verbal warning. The interrogation with Ruben Zuno by DEA goes well because they got him to talk. Meanwhile the Sinaloa cartel stresses on how to get their product to ship faster. Chapo becomes the brains and orchestrates a plan to build a tunnel to smuggle cocaine from Tijuana, Mexico to the USA. A victory for Felix happens when he makes a deal with a CIA agent in Nicaragua, giving him access to gun ammunition sales. Matta gets captured due to Felix which now gives him an advantage in overruling the Colombians. 

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Elizabeth Pena, Rachel Goodman

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