‘The Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Season 5 Episode 7 Breakdown

If You Are In Need Of A Quick Recap Of What Happened During The Latest Episode Of ‘RHOP’ Then You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Sunday nights episode “Fireball and Firepits” was packed full of ups and downs! Let’s get into what happened!

As the ladies’ trip to Monique’s lake house winds down, the episode picks up after Candiace tells Gizelle about the text message she received from a friend about Ashley’s husband Michael. The two ladies decide that they were going to sit Ashley down privately and tell her about the text messages. As they were talking the other ladies were at the firepit but Monique walked in on the conversation. She’s asked if she could give them a moment alone so Monique leaves which causes a problem later in the episode. We’ll get into that!

After a while(Monique says it was like an hour), Gizelle, Candiace and Ashley join the others by the fire pit. They all made a few s’mores but by that time, everyone was tired and went to bed…or so we thought!

We get to see a moment after everyone goes to bed when Wendy, Karen, Candiace and Monique head to the in-home bar for Fireball shots and conversation. Karen was about 9 shots in when she started spilling some info about her marriage to Ray. She says some things about finances and how her and Ray’s marriage has been a bit tense lately which Karen has been pretty open about this season. I think everyone’s jaws simultaneously hit the floor when Karen woke up the next morning ready for the day after all those Fireball shots!

The husbands come for the final day of the trip and to celebrate Monique’s birthday. While the guys were hanging out inside, the ladies headed outside where an argument between Monique and Candiace started.

From the beginning of the season, Monique and Candiace’s friendship has been very rocky and all of the ladies have noticed. Monique gets mad because she didn’t like that Gizelle, Candiace and Ashley talked privately. Monique and Candiace argue for a bit before Candiace storms off. The other ladies feel that Monique is making a big deal out of nothing and there might be a deeper reason why she is so upset. Including the fact that she and Candiace have been at odds.

The episode ends with more allegations and photos surfacing of Michael. Ashley tells how she and Michael got into a big argument once she came home which left him sleeping in the baby’s room. I’m sure we’ll see where this story goes in future episodes.t

The Real Housewives Of Potomac airs every Sunday at 9pm.

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