The Real Housewives Of New Jersey To Return For An EPIC Season 11

It’s just one month away from the RHONJ season 11 premiere. Bravo dropped the trailer last week, which consists of cheating rumors, a single Teresa, and a whole lot of family drama!

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Posted On: January 18th, 2021 6:11 pm pst

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) is just around the corner! Bravo dropped the explosive trailer just last week and season 11 is set to premiere on February 17th! If you didn’t see the trailer, let me tell you; it’s good. It teases cheating rumors, a single Teresa Giduice, and a whole lot of family drama! We are not ready for what’s to come. All six housewives from the past two years will be returning as full-time this year; Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs, Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschinder. There will also be a new “friend of” joining the cast this season, Michelle Pais. Michelle has been spotted several times filming with Teresa, Jennifer and Dolores over the past several months and we know from Teresa’s instagram that Michelle has listed Teresa’s house on the market. One thing that makes Jersey so dramatic is how divided the cast is, and considering Michelle is already linked to Teresa, it looks like she has already chosen a side.  

However, one person that has not always been an OG and the queen of RHONJ’s side is Teresa’s sister in law Melissa. While the two have managed to get along and get closer over the past couple years, this season the sister in law’s will be at it again. In the teaser we saw an angry Melissa throw food across the table while yelling at Teresa about her ex-husband Joe who came after Melissa. Melissa’s husband and fan favorite Joe Gorga backed up his wife and also got very heated in the trailer, seeing a side to Joe that we haven’t seen in years. The Gorga-Giudice drama has always been the epicenter of all the drama on the Jersey housewives and this season, we can expect nothing short of an epic family feud. 

As I mentioned earlier, Teresa will also be selling her infamous mansion that we’ve seen her girls grow up in on the show for the past 10 years. Freshly divorced from her husband of 20 years Joe Giduice, Teresa will embark on a new journey of living the single life and putting herself out there in the dating world for the first time. Many fans are looking forward to seeing Teresa shine, as she has been under a lot of pressure the past 5 years, in and out of prison and trying to keep her now ex-husband in the country. Unfortunately, Teresa’s ex Joe, has been deported to Italy and we will see how it’s taken a toll on Teresa’s four daughter’s this season. 

Credit: TV Insider

One of the big topics this season is the cheating rumors that are potentially brewing between a lot of the wives and their husbands. Now, I must say, the Jersey House-husbands are some of the favorites across all housewives franchises. They are very involved in the cast storylines and film more than most. This season we will see rumors spark between Jackie Goldschiner and her husband Evan. Jackie will not be pleased to hear where these rumors started and it will enight an recurring feud between her and Teresa. We also see in the trailer Margaret screaming at her husband Joe, which is a fight we’ve never seen before with Margaret in her past four years on housewives. Margaret “the marge” and her husband Joe Benigno are one of my favorite housewife couples, so I hope they don’t go down that route! Also side note, I know there are a lot of “Joe’s” in Jersey so hopefully you can keep up! We will also see Melissa and Joe Gorga fight a lot this season as they embark on a new journey of selling their mansion, as well as their kids growing up so fast into their teenage years. 

Firecracker, Jennifer Aydin also will have to make amends with some of the ladies after not ending off on the best terms with Melissa, Margaret and Jackie from last season. However, Jennifer’s real struggle this season will be dealing with her parents marital issues after tension reaches an all time high between them, forcing Jennifer’s dad to move in with her. Jennifer has always been a cause of drama between the girls, but when it comes to her family, she is the backbone. And as far as fan favorite Dolores Catania, she is still balancing her relationship between her ex-husband Frank and boyfriend of 3 years David, who has yet to give her a commitment that she desires.

Watch the trailer for the new season here: 

And FYI, this is my housewives franchise! I am so excited!!

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