The Past is Dug Up and the Couples Are at Their Breaking Point! – S16 E8 ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap & Review

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Rocky Marriage? Need Therapy? Need it like a kick in the butt?! Well the cast of Marriage Bootcamp certainly do, and the MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW is right here to break down ALL the emotions as the therapists strive to save their marriages! Tune in weekly for in depth discussion on each episode alongside potential cast interviews and juicy news and gossip! Be sure to like, subscribe, share, and comment!

In this episode, couples get down to the root as they uncover childhood trauma. Children are even brought in to tell these stories. Stew sheds tears reveals his deepest hurts for the first time. Also we learn that abuse has plagued many of these cast members from a young age. The emotions in this episode are REAL. You might need a tissue for this one.
This episode was hosted by Byron K and Raiven French.

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