‘The Oval’: Russell Thomas Talks Eli’s Big Change In Season 4!

It’s getting intense this season on The Oval, and Eli did not come to play this time around. Russell Thomas who plays the Vice President talked about his character’s transformation and what he hopes to happen to him in the future.

The Oval is back for its 4th season, along with some fan-favorite characters making their return.

One of those characters is Vice President Eli, played by Russell Thomas, who made his debut during season 3.

Thomas spoke with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About It to discuss where his character is heading this season and what he wants to happen to Eli next.

During season 3, Eli was introduced as a reserved character. Now fans are starting to see a different side of the Vice President, one that is more conniving and not afraid to stir the pot.

“In season 4, we’re starting to see different facets of his personality of this character. In season 3, in the face of insults, he keeps his cool, and now we’re starting to see some of his more scandalous sides, some of his designs, and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s been fun to explore those differences in the character, makes him a bit more complex.” Said Thomas.

Playing the Vice President of the United States with a scandalous side has its perks, and according to Thomas, seeing the fans react to the change in his character is one of the best parts.

“I think that’s what makes acting fun is to get to explore these different facets of a personality. When you’re playing a character that has nefarious designs going on it’s fun to have an expectation in the other direction. You get to build these expectations that he’s a nice guy doing everything the right way. Then you can subvert those expectations you spent all of season 3 building, and then in season 4, you get to subvert those expectations.” Explained Thomas

Although season 4 is currently airing, Thomas already has ideas about where he wants to see his character next season, and it involves being the President of The United States.

“Obviously, as the Vice President, I think there’s only one job to go up from there, and that’s something that I’m sure Eli is thinking about. Although the character does have some schemes going on, ultimately, he wants to do right for the country, and he wants to do the job correctly, in contrast to seeing Hunter messing up and doing lots of crazy stuff.”

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