The Nose Knows and Glass Dil-dos- S1 E5 & E6 ‘Brews Brothers’ Recap & Review

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Bring making and running a brewery couldn’t be easier for Wilhelm and Adam… or could it? Join the shenanigans on Brews Brothers on netflix, and join us every episode as we break them down! On the BREWS BROTHERS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW, we’re discussing each and every episode alongside special segments, news and gossip, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!
  • Brews Brothers – Episode 5 – “Best Nose”
    With Adam no longer able to smell Truffle the monk steps in to represent Rodman’s at the “L.A.’s Best Beer Nose.” contest.
    Meanwhile, Adam is drunk — for the very first time — and spends and becomes gregarious and friendly. Will it last?
    Sarah lets it slip that she likes Wilhelm and Adam lets it slip to Elvis that he likes Becky. While the former seems to be slowly “brewing” (Pun!!!) Adam is pulled into a throuple with Becky and Elvis. And he doesn’t seem to mind!
    Brews Brothers – Episode 6 – “Lazlo Suna”
    A competitor to Van Nuy’s “only” distributor comes to the bar to offer the gang a much larger distribution deal which turns into a brotherly argument.
    While Adam and Will are discussing ‘cans vs. bottles,’ they keep bringing up beer terms that are construed as mocking people with disabilities which causes a local beer can maker to rescind his contract with Rodman’s.
    Lazlo Suna, the “Picasso of Dildos,” takes a liking to Adam’s craftsman type ways and brings in samples for the gang to peruse.
    Adam comes up with a very cheap beer bottle that breaks on contact but is saved when Lazlo’s latest creation — a glass dildo — becomes the bar’s saving grace.
    Thanks to Chuey for inviting his “soccer friends” to help fill the bottles… and share orange wedgies (’cause they’re kids.)
  • Todays show was hosted by Allyssa Dickert, Loren Kling, and Eric Jewell.
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