The Most Unexpected Celebrity TV Appearances!

Guest stars on TV shows are nothing new but sometimes one of our favorite celebs pops up and it is quite unexpected. Here are a few celebs you didn’t expect to see on your favorite shows!

Joe Biden in Parks & Recreation

Not to be outdone by Trump’s pre-presidential appearance in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Biden made an appearance in the classic sitcom, in which lead character Leslie Knope had quite a crush on him.      

Mastodon in Game of Thrones

This popular metal band had 3/4s of its members – Bill Kelliher, Brent Hinds, and Brann Dailor – don the Wildlings costumes to appear in the epic series, on more than one occasion.  The band even recorded a track, “White Walker,” for the show’s soundtrack.

Brad Pitt in Dave

It’s the show devised by comedic rapper Lil Dicky.  The fact that its third season featured an appearance from one of Hollywood’s biggest names is astounding and lends real weight to the tongue-in-cheek production.  He appears as someone humbly seeking help in his own musical endeavors.  Ha!

Olivia Colman in The Bear

Season two, episode seven of this hot new show features Colman as the intimidating presence helming one of the finest eateries in the world.  It’s only when she’s revealed that all becomes clear: she’s a down-to-earth, encouraging figure. It’s perhaps the most pivotal moment in the entire series.

Sting in Only Murders In the Building

OMITB has its fair share of eyebrow-raising cameos – Jimmy Fallon, for existence – but none is quite as surprising as the Police frontman, who plays himself. According to those who work on the show, he was all too pumped to lend his talents to the set.

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