The Most Memorable Christmas Movies of the 90’s – A Very 90’s Christmas

A Very 90’s Christmas. Hosts Suzi Grgurich and Samantha Jacobs are breaking down what we kids of the 90’s are doing NOW and what we did THEN to celebrate Christmas. Each week we will be covering a variety of topics covering the then and now of 90’s Christmas! From the best music, toys, to movies, this show will bring you right back to those amazing times in the 90’s that still make us nostalgic today.

Welcome to A Very Nostalgic Christmas presented by AfterBuzz TV’s The Christmas 24-7! We’ll be looking back on how we celebrated Christmas as little kids, from our grown-up perspective. Join us every week where we’ll be covering a variety of topics from toys under the tree and holiday music, to Christmas movies and TV shows. It’s a journey into our past with rose tinted glasses, so tune in every week for the throwback!