The Internet Reacts to “Bridgerton” Season Two!

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton has been out for a little over a week now and fans have had a lot to say!

Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 2 ahead!!!

Well, the reviews are in–and from fans, they’re surprisingly mixed. Some viewers were thrown off by the slow-burn love affair between season protagonist Viscount Anthony Bridgerton and one of the new girls in the Ton, Lady Kate Sharma.

However some fans may feel about the change in pace from season one, critics and fans alike are praising the show’s Indian representation with the Sharma sisters. With Shonda Rhimes’ choice in casting diverse actors and creating a whimsical version of Regency-era England that carefully sets aside the issues of race that gripped society (and in different ways, of course, continue to grip society), the characters’ Indian heritage is still showcased and celebrated. The sisters call each other “Didi” and “Bon” which mean “big sister” and “little sister” in Hindi, and they partake in a Haldi ceremony before Edwina Sharma’s wedding.

That’s not to mention the many subplots of the season–with Whistledown continuing to be hunted by the Queen, Eloise consorting with political radicals on the wrong side of the tracks, and the Featheringtons hatching yet another scheme. Here’s what viewers everywhere had to say about the show’s much anticipated season.

This Twitter user had an appreciation for the enemies-to-lovers plotline.

In true Regency fashion, it’s safe to say that Kate and Anthony’s competitive romance has been seen before–in the classic stylings of Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. The 2005 film with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden, anyone?

Some fans are already speculating on which sibling will be in the spotlight next season.

Will it be Eloise and her new friend Theo going against the class system and getting together after bonding over their passion for equality, or will Benedict finally have to settle down? Who knows.

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Twitter was quick to bring humor to this season’s change of pace.

The show featured less intimate scenes, instead focusing on the build up of Anthony and Kate’s relationship. It’s safe to say that this may just vary based on which sibling is focused on–Daphne’s lesson was exploring that side of a relationship, while Anthony’s mission was to finally break down his emotional unavailability and trauma.

TikTok found another similar story to that of the Sharma sisters.

While of course the obvious comparisons are drawn between Pride and Prejudice and this season, one TikTok user pointed out the striking similarity that the storyline had to the Schuyler sisters of Hamilton (who were also real historical figures). A love triangle between a man and a headstrong but loyal older sister, and her kind, naive at times, younger sister. A tale as old as time. Plus, Lin-Manuel Miranda also cast actors of color in the traditionally white roles in his award winning Broadway show, similar to the casting of Bridgerton.

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There are numerous easter eggs in season two.

TikTok user and beauty influencer Cat Quinn was quick to point out the significance of the color palette this season–specifically, the use of lilac. With this theory in mind, Kate had won the stone-cold Viscount’s heart from the start.

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What really matters is Anthony’s healing journey.

As Jonathan Bailey (who plays Anthony) has discussed in interviews, we rarely see the backstories of the Old English bad boy heartthrobs that have graced our screens for so many years. This season, Anthony has tough conversations, and truly comes into himself for the first time.

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Safe to say Jonathan Bailey successfully filled Rege Jean Page’s absence.

Many were disappointed last year when news broke that season one’s star, Rege Jean Page, who played the broody Duke of Hastings, would not be returning to the show for a second season. But, Jonathan Bailey’s acting and on-screen chemistry with Simone Ashley (who plays Kate Sharma) most definitely lived up to the hype. While we all missed the Duke, all eyes were on the Viscount this time around.

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Many South Asian fans are loving the Sharma sisters.

Through their jewelry, clothing, tea, and ceremonies, the Sharmas have taken their culture with them on their visit to England. Many young South Asian women on TikTok have praised the show’s seamless representation of their culture without relying on stereotypes, as many popular shows have done in the past.

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Fans are looking back at clues they might have missed.

At the very end of season one, when the beloved Daphne is giving birth to her first child with her husband Simon, the Duke of Hastings, the camera pans to a single bee on the windowsill. Spoiler alert, but we found out in the second season that a bee sting was the cause of Lord Bridgerton’s death. Some fans have come to the heartwarming theory that the bee represents the spirit of Daphne’s father watching the birth of his first grandchild. What could the clue from the season two finale be?

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If you’ve read this far, you’ve either already seen season two or are wondering what all the hype is about. This one’s worth the watch–and be sure to voice your opinions about it, I’m sure Lady Whistledown is dying to hear!

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