The Hillywood Show Talks All About Their New Good Omens Parody!

The Hillywood Show, known on YouTube for their over the top, accurately depicted, and catchy parodies, has produced another great parody on the popular Amazon show Good Omens. With the help of Amazon Studios, Hillywood Productions, and none other than Good Omens‘ own Neil Gaiman! 

We got to interview Hilly and Hannah Hindi, the siblings behind your favorite parodies on The Hillywood Show on their newest and sinfully favorite new parody! Now available on YouTube, follow along to discover the inside scoop behind this new thrilling parody and learn amazing facts along the way! Only on AfterBuzzTV!

How are you feeling about the success of this new parody and the attention it is getting?

It’s been amazing! We are overwhelmed with all the love, support, and excitement surrounding Good Omens Parody!  We’re enjoying reading through all the comments and reviews! It means the world, to us, that Hillywood Fans and Good Omens Fans, alike, are watching, sharing, and celebrating it!

What made you say, “Yes”, we should definitely do a Good Omens parody? 

Fans were requesting us to tackle Amazon’s Good Omens ever since it premiered! However, during its premiere, we were right in the middle of filming The Umbrella Academy Parody. However, once that parody was wrapped, we got a wiggle on, and started binging the series!  We are fans of all things David Tennant, Michael Sheen, and Neil Gaiman so, you can imagine, just how special this series was to us. Once Hilly began going over script ideas we immediately knew we wanted to give Good Omens the Hillywood treatment!

How do you decide what to parody and how long does it usually take to create? 

We consider what our fans are requesting, however, we usually only choose to parody fandoms that we are fans of, ourselves. In doing so, it helps us showcase our love and obsession towards them, Hillywood style!  We like to stay true to the fandom, by celebrating them in unique and exciting ways!

Usually, when creating a parody, it can take up to 6 – 8 months.  This is due to us not having a team or network behind The Hillywood Show®.  We, Hilly and Hannah, run the production from beginning to end. When we are on set, we have a small crew that helps us achieve the filming portion. However, once off set, Hilly edits, color grades, etc., while Hannah approves of the edits along the way. 

Good Omens Parody took a little longer than usual in pre-production due to some restrictions from the pandemic still in place.  Although, that was not the only reason for the extra “Wait and See”… As fans now know, there was a big surprise in Good Omens Parody that had to be kept secret until the big moment!

How was it working with Neil Gaiman and Amazon Studios on this production? How much involvement did Amazon have?

Working with Neil Gaiman was a dream come true! We still can’t believe it happened! The first time he showed his support towards Good Omens Parody was during one of our live streams when fans were helping us raise funds for the project. We sat, staring at the notification with our jaws dropped. Since then, he has cheered us on the entire way!  

During production, we reached out to Neil and asked if he wanted a cameo.  We nearly fell over when he said, “YES!”  Throughout many exciting e-mails, he let us know that he was open to any ideas! Hilly then scripted a revised ending (that contained the idea of Crowley delivering the month of Season 2, to Amazon Headquarters), and we sent it off for Gaiman’s approval.  We were thrilled when he gave us his blessing and before we knew it, we were on set with him, filming!  

We don’t know how we can ever thank him enough for all that he’s done for us.  It’s been an honor and our greatest joy to have met and worked with him.

In regard to Amazon Studios, we sent an e-mail off to them early on, with a grain of salt, and some photos of our Bookshop set.  In that message, we asked if they’d be interested in, possibly, showing Good Omens Parody some love on their social pages, when it would be released.  A few weeks later, we were shocked to see a reply from them in our inbox!  They were very intrigued and wanted to schedule a Zoom meeting, with us, to learn more about the project!  

Long story short, once they saw the early preview of the finished production, they loved it so much that they allowed us to reveal the full date of Season 2’s release, and not just the month (as was originally, scripted)!  We were floored!  

We are beyond thankful for the love Amazon and Neil Gaiman have shown us!  This production was fan funded and made with love, to celebrate Good Omens!  When scripting, we never even knew there would be a Season 2, and look at what’s happened!  It was ineffable!

How do you come up with and get the costumes for the parodies?

We study each of the character’s looks, to the best of our abilities!  It’s a lengthy process to try to find the screen accurate materials and accessories, but it’s a joy to see them come together!  Our Grandmother, who worked in wardrobe as a seamstress at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, for over 40 years, helps assist us with alterations.  We also have a friend (local tailor at Modern Tailoring in Las Vegas, NV) who takes the time to sit with us, listens to our detailed instructions, utilizes our materials, and begins stitching our visions to life.

Could you tell us about the process of becoming a character for your parody?

Being able to shift into different characters for The Hillywood Show is always a blast and one of Hilly’s favorite things to do, as an actor!  It’s, also, an excuse to binge our favorite fandoms, over and over again, as a way to study their mannerisms, essence, facial expressions, etc. 

Most of the time, we look at each other’s facial features, to see if there’s already some resemblance to the character/actor we will be portraying.  That could be anything from the eyes to the nose to the jaw, etc.  If we find a feature that we can get away with, we confirm the character and move on to make up tests and studying! 

 It was extremely enjoyable for Hilly to portray another one of David Tennant’s iconic characters!  Despite having a, slightly, difficult time seeing through the snake lenses, Hilly loved every second of it!

What is a hidden detail (fun fact) that fans would not notice during this parody?

It may have been overlooked but, if you stay til the credits, you’ll see that the Bentley, seen in Good Omens Parody, is actually the original Screen Used Bentley that was used in Good Omens Season 1!  We connected with the owner, Jeremey Marshall Roberts, and he so graciously allowed us to utilize it for filming when we were in the UK!

Another fun fact is that the cemetery scene, where Crowley speaks with Neil Gaiman, was shot on the same exact location as seen in Good Omens Season 1. It’s Holy Trinity Church, located in Amersham, UK, and we were so excited that they allowed us to film on their site. It was very surreal being there and a huge blessing!

What advice would you give to those wanting to venture on your path as content producers? 

When starting out, remember to keep things simple and fun. Before taking too big of a leap, work on smaller projects to see if you enjoy the process of filmmaking! Once you find your rhythm, and you’d like to start creating more content, don’t forget to always be yourself! Do whatever your creativity is calling you to! Just remember to keep it original, and not to copy what’s already been done before, so that you stand out in the crowd!  

Do you have another TV show in mind for the next parody? 

Yes! We do have some fun and exciting ideas for upcoming parodies and, even, further Hillywood content!  However, during this time, we are, also, hoping to connect with a Producer or Production company, who’d be willing to help us develop The Hillywood Show into a series with a network/streaming platform. It’s something we’ve been praying for if God opens the door. We hope to take Hillywood to the next level, in the near future!  Wahoo!

We are so excited to see what else The Hillywood Show has in store for their audiences and we can’t wait to see them continue to grow and gain more recognition as content creators, and producers. Fingers crossed for a Hillywood Show platform in the future which we are sure is in their destiny.

We would like to thank The Hillywood Show for giving us the opportunity to interview them and get you the inside scoop on everything about the Good Omens Parody. Don’t forget to continue supporting them on your socials and follow AfterBuzz TV for more amazing content like this!

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