The Heels are Taking Over!!! – Recap & Review of WWE’s RAW

You’ve seen the action inside the ring, but now it’s time to reign it in with the WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW AFTER SHOW. We’ll discuss the most intense matches, your favorite wrestlers and all the most talked about moments from the show. We’ll also discuss storylines and give predictions to upcoming PPVs. Tune in each week for expert commentary from the show that saw the rise of our own Cathy “Cupcake” Kelley go from ABTV host to WWE host! (Also, our network is run by part-time WWE wrestler Maria Menounos – so you can bet we’re in the know on things!)

*This podcast is not associated or affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (“WWE”) in any way.

Edge is on Raw seeking revenge against Randy Orton and MVP is caught in the crosshairs. AJ styles cuts an epic promo on The Undertaker. Elimination Chamber fallout and reaction. Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one with Angel Garza. Lashley DOMINATING against the Hype Bro, Zack Ryder. And why is Charlotte’s and Ripley’s feud more entertaining than Becky and Shayna’s? 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Jim Alexander, TK Trinidad, Flobo Boyce and Jack Farmer.

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