The Handmaid’s Tale S:2 | Holly E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Hosts Kari Lane, Lesley Powers, Veronica Barriga and Takira Sharae talk about the raw birth scene, and ask viewers how real it actually is. They also talk about June almost shooting Serena and Fred, and should she have? Finally Serena and Fred tell each other what they really think and watching them tear each other apart was awesome! Also, what does the wolf symbolize?

The Handmaid’s Tale After Show:

Are you ready to enter the dystopian world of Gilead? In the HANDMAID’S TALE AFTER SHOW we discuss this totalitarian society’s attempt to repopulate a devastated world by forcing women into sexual servitude and treating them as property. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.


Based on the bet-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, this series is set in Gilead, a totalitarian society in what used to be part of the United States. Gilead is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state, and is faced with environmental disasters and a plummeting birth rate. In a desperate attempt to repopulate a devastated world, the few remaining fertile women are forced into sexual servitude. One of these women, Offred, is determined to survive the terrifying world she lives in, and find the daughter that was taken from her.

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