The Great S1 E10 Recap & After Show: For The Love Of Russia

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Want to catch up on some Russian history? How about with a dash of comedy? Join us on THE GREAT AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we follow one longing for love woman, as she becomes the longest reigning female ruler of Russia. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

With the Russia still on her mind, Catherine decides that her birthday is the perfect time to kill Peter. As Peter and Leo compete to present her with the perfect birthday gift, she rallies up the troops to take action. Her fate quickly turns when her plan goes south. Knowing that her title is on the line, Marial spills the beans to Peter and includes one very important detail. Full of rage, Peter is conflicted on whether to kill Catherine and their unborn child, or spare their lives. They seem to find a middle ground until Peter plays Catherine at her own game. The hosts discuss this exciting cliffhanger and more on this episode of Afterbuzz TV’s The Great Aftershow.
  • Hosts: Rachel Goodman, Tatiana Mariesa, Cody Epperson, and Toree Weaver

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