‘The Goldbergs’ Actress Hayley Orrantia Shares Behind The Scenes While Filming During Covid-19

Hayley Orrantia is giving her fans an inside look on how ‘The Goldbergs’ filming has changed due to Covid-19.

Filming has started resuming in Hollywood but obviously, there have been some changes made to ensure the safety of the cast and crew due to Covid-19. Hayley Orrantia has used her TikTok as a platform to give us an inside look on how filming looks now on the set of The Goldbergs.

The first stop is the star’s trailer. All of her costumes are now pre-delivered in plastic bags. Her shoes, jewelry, and other props are sealed in plastic bins. She has to put all of her personal clothes in a bag for the day until she is ready to go home and once she changes back she puts all her costume clothes and accessories in a garbage bin.

Hayley also shares that when they are traveling to and from the set, only two people are allowed in a van at any time, and everyone must be wearing a mask. The driver is also separated with a sheet of plastic.

As for makeup, only one person is able to get their hair and makeup done at a time now. All the brushes are kept in plexiglass boxes and sterilized in between each use.

The makeup artist must change their gown and gloves for every person they see. All touch ups are done outside of set now and minor touch ups due to masks are done by the actors themselves.

When they go onto set there is an area to get their temperatures taken, as well as individual plastic tubs to put their face shields and masks into until they are ready to leave the set.

The green room, which is the holding room while the cast is waiting to film, now has plexiglass dividing each chair. The chairs have been assigned to each cast member so that they keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

Everyone on set is tested three times a week for Covid (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). They get the results within 36 hours and if it ever were to come back positive they would not be allowed on set.

A nurse comes into their trailer and gives them a cotton swab to swab both of their nostrils, which they then insert into a tube to be taken to get tested.

What do you think of the precautions that are being used on set? Let us know in the comments!

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