The Gloves Are Off! – S2 E1 ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Recap & Review

If you loved Narcos, you’re going to love the spinoff Narcos: Mexico! Our hosts will break down all the episodes, diving into the world of DEA agents, drug cartel, and drama! The AfterBuzz TV NARCOS: MEXICO AFTERSHOW will be here for every episode with special segments and predictions of what’s to come!

THE GLOVES ARE OFF! Mexico is in the beginning stages of a storm of vengeance from the DEA. Agent Breslin switches from narrating the story to joining the story, to fight for KiKi’s justice. At his 40th birthday party, Felix discovers that his company’s money problems are due to loyalty issues. Verdin is successfully captured by Breslin, but a witness could ruin his overall mission in Mexico. 

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman, Elizabeth Pena, and Rob Styles

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