The Gifted S:2 calaMity E:14 Review

Somebody get these kids some new Capri Sun! We’re talking about calaMity and let us tell you; there’s A LOT of flaws in that last 2% of the inner Circle’s 98% Impenetrable fortress! Lorna gets away with everything, and Sage is left as a 0 and 1 seeing scape goat! Meanwhile, Lorna may be confessing some things to Andy? Kate and Reed FINALLY talk to one another about random secrets that they’ve been keeping for some unknown reason, Lauren decides to face her fears and stop taking drugs inspiring Reed to face his powers as well! Kate delivers some Capri Sun fueled Desert Eagle justice on some cops as she speeds away to save the Morlocks, and unfortunately the Morlock’s vision of non-interaction gets spoiled when Reeva has her (omg!) crony Ryan from the Ryan hour send Jace to kill them all! Luckily Blink is there to save eveyone!… except herself… That’s right! John shows up at the absolutely worst moment for the third time, just in time for her to get shot more times than 50 cent. Do you blame him?! I DO!! Hosting tonight is Stephen Lemieux, Tehran Von Ghasri, and Steph Sabraw! We’re talking ALL THE THINGS The Gifted Season 2 Episode 14 “calaMity”!

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Marvel expands its footprint on the television landscape with this new family adventure series about an ordinary suburban family whose lives change course forever when they discover their children have developed mutant powers. When the threat of a hostile government forces the family to go on the run to protect themselves, they join the ranks of an underground network of mutants. Together, the group fight to survive in a world where fear and misunderstanding put them at constant risk. “X-Men” alums Bryan Singer, Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg are among the executive producers.