The Gang Meets Psycho Fogg! – S5 E7 ‘The Magicians’ Review & Recap

What happens when the world depends on students turned master magicians to save the world time and time again? You get The Magicians, and more importantly you get THE MAGICIANS AFTER SHOW! We will break down and discuss each episode of this crazy show that keeps us on the edge of our seats, as well as our special segment, news and gossip surrounding the show and the cast, plus our predictions of whats to come!

In this episode, in the absence of Dean Fogg, Penny is voted acting dean of Brakebills, while Todd continues the quest bestowed upon him by Sir Effingham. Meanwhile, Alice makes a new friend in botanist Hamish Bax, and Eliot and Margo learn more about the Dark King and the fairies! To Margo’s surprise history & time did not play in her favor and throughout the years the fairies were made to believe that she was the reason for their demise. Margo’s attempt at making allies with the fairies is interrupted by a look into what the Dark King has been up to-summoning the Takers so he can get the acclaim for vanquishing them.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By Ty Matthews (@TyMatthewsPMA), Steph Sabraw (@stephsabraw) and Adrian Snow (@MsAdrianSnow)

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