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AFTERBUZZ TV – The Following edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Fox’s The Following. In this show, hosts Joe Braswell, Joe Sanfelippo, Teresa La, and Nando Velasquez break down the episode “The Siege” in which Joey gets his hands on the hidden phone, while Emma, Paul and Jacob leisure in the bedroom. He manages to have an informative conversation with Claire, before Paul pulls him away from the phone. Caroll’s attorney, Olivia Warren (Renee Elise Goldsberry) is seen in the department, while Paul continues to convince Jacob to kill Megan. Warren addresses Caroll’s “The Following” allegation by quoting Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” in his press conference that triggers a follower to start his mission. Special Agent Parker deputizes Hardy. Emma reveals one of the followers, Charlie Mead (Tom Lipinski). Warren meets Claire and informs her of Caroll’s instruction in order for her to see Joey. Joey escapes from the house and stumbles upon a nearby male neighbor, who leads him to his house after Joey requests to borrow his house phone. Emma finds Joey and convinces him that she will lend him her phone if he comes along with her. The neighbors notify the police. After being told by Emma, Paul breaks into the neighbor’s house with a hoe and kills them. Hardy rushes to the location with a police officer. Claire escapes from an FBI agent, Marshall Turner (John Lafayette) who is watching her having lunch with her friend. Emma locks Joey in the bedroom, and finds a man sent by Charlie, Hank Flynn (Josh Segarra), who is to move them out of the house. Hardy arrives at the neighbor’s home, only to find that they are both murdered. He tracks the nearby path and sees Jacob and Paul. Hank fatally shoots the police officer, and Hardy later kills Hank. Claire arrives at the location instructed by Warren and follows Charlie. But before Hardy can save Joey, Paul points a gun to his head. It’s The Following’s “The Siege” podcast!

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