The First Scandal – S1 E2 ‘Hilary’ Recap & Review

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2016’s election stunned America when Donald Trump beat Hillary in what most assumed was going to be a landslide in her favor, and Hulu’s got us covered with an in depth look at her life and world! Of course, on the HILLARY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, WE’VE got you covered too, bringing you in depth analysis on all of the crazy twists and turns of Hillary’s life. Make sure you don’t miss a single episode of our coverage!

Episode Recap

Hilary continues to be a strong figure and shoulder for Bill Clinton to lean on during his presidential election in 1992, as a threat from George W Bush Sr. camp almost changes everything. Hilary continues to express her radical views for 1993, wanting universal health care and equality for women. Amongst all the threats coming from outside of her home there was one that was lurking right under her nose, Jennifer Flowers.
  • Who Hosted The Show: Ebone Chatman & Sana Moore
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