The Finale is Here – S1 E10 ‘Love is Blind’ Recap & Review

Does appearance play that big of a role in a relationship, or is love truly blind? That’s the question our hosts will be answering every episode as they dive into Netflix’s new show! AfterBuzz TV’s LOVE IS BLIND AFTERSHOW will break down each couple as they meet, fall in love and get married!

All of the ‘Love Is Blind’ couples reunited one last time to hash out the explosive drama from this season. While some couples like Amber & Barnett and Lauren & Cameron were able to go the distance, the other contestants opened up about finding themselves after heartbreak. Giannina and Damian share a surprising update! Carlton and Diamond are navigating a new friendship. And Amber FINALLY says what everyone has been thinking about Messica Jessica!!!  

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Christine Alexis, Flobo Boyce

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