The Emotional Episode 8 Of ‘RHONJ’

The Tears Were HARD To Hold Back During Wednesday Night’s Episode, we have the top moments!

As the cast prepared to celebrate “Nonno’s” beautiful life, it was hard not to feel emotional. If you are a long time watcher of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, you can probably relate. Let’s get into the top moments of the episode!

Joe & Melissa:

It was tough seeing Melissa and Joe fight during the episode! We’ve seen them butt heads over Melissa becoming more independent in past seasons but I don’t think we’ve seen them get into it this hard, especially during a group outing.

While leaving a group dinner, Melissa walked ahead of Joe to get into the vans and Joe didn’t like that at all! He was upset that she left him behind so while in the vans, they got into it. Joe told her she’s changed and while he’s okay with her working and having success he feels like in the past year everything is different. Melissa expressed how he makes her feel bad when he says things like that and she likes having something that she’s built and created.

Everyone felt like Joe was a little too sensitive about the issue and thought that maybe he was just feeling anxious about Nonno’s upcoming celebration.

Melissa and Joe have been pretty open about their marital issues lately but I hope they work everything out!

Nonno’s Celebration:

The episode finished off with the cast gathering with family and friends to celebrate Nonno’s life. It was a beautiful ceremony at Melissa and Joe’s shore house and all of the children came to join the celebration. Teresa’s daughter Gia gave an emotional speech and it was so sweet seeing Teresa and Joe sharing that close sibling bond that we love for them to have as they reminisced about their father (btw, when Joe said that during Nonno’s final days, he told Joe to take care of his sister Teresa, I lost it)!

Nonno has graced our TV screens for many years, so his passing felt like losing a part of our own family. From funny times to heartwarming moments where he said the sweetest things to Teresa, Melissa, Joe and his grandkids, Nonno is so missed!!

We’re already about halfway through the season and Andy is preparing questions for the reunion! I’m not ready for the season to get to the end!

New episodes air every Wednesday night at 9 pm PST!

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