The Eddy S1 E7 Recap & After Show: Kats out of the bag!

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Episode 7 finally gave us some answers. And it seems Katarina had them this whole time… First, Kat goes to see Maja and tells her to tell Elliot to beware of Sami. We now know that Kat is, in fact, deeply involved with the gang and it is not an ideal situation.
Next, the police investigator shows up at Kat’s apartment to ask her what she knows about Zivko’s death. Once the officer leaves, the moment we have all been waiting for happens! Kat reveals that she has the money and has been hiding it under her bed.
Kat goes to Sami’s ~office~ and shows him a wad of cash and asks him to leave Elliot alone. It did not go well and Sami and his guards begin to beat her up, which lands her in a hospital bed with stitches.
Finally, Elliot goes to see Kat in the hospital and she tells him the truth about the money and her and Farid’s involvement with the gang. She claims it was all to protect the club. Elliot quickly forgives her and even invites her to come back to the band. The episode ends with Kat playing the drums for her fellow band members as they celebrate her return.
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