The Eddy S1 E4 Recap & After Show: Jude, the Band’s Bassist

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Jazz, Paris and crime, what more could a viewer want?Join us on THE EDDY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we watch this jazz man fight for his work and daughter. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date. 

The show begins with Jude’s ex GF, Habiba, going into town to watch him perform in the street. The two share a smile and an awkward encounter before finally sitting on a bench and catching up.
Little does Jude know it is her wedding day. Yes, Habiba went to visit Jude (I repeat, her ex!) right before she was about to say “I do” to another man.
But that’s not even the strangest part. Habiba ultimately explains how she needs a witness to be able to get married in the courthouse, and without hesitation, Jude agrees…
Meanwhile, Elliot and Maja wake up in bed together. Julie returns to school — of course, she is not happy about it. Julie and Elliot have an explosive argument. And Jude falls back into drugs immediately after celebrating the nuptials of Habiba and her new husband, Omar. *grabs a tissue*
Fortunately, Elliot comes to the rescue and comforts Jude — who had just taken heroin — and promises to open the club back up. (You know, for the sake of musical healing.) He finally calls the authorities and agrees to share everything he knows about the Siberian gang members, as long as they let “The Eddy” reopen.
  • Hosted by: Toree (@toxicmodel), Sana M (@iam_sana_), Ally Janes (@alexandrajanes)
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