‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ First Episode: Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu!

‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ airs first episode with past co-stars Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu!

Calling all lovers of 50 First Dates, E.T., Never Been Kissed, and other movies starring the infamous Drew Barrymore!

New to daytime TV, The Drew Barrymore Show, aired for the first time today. This show has been longly anticipated as it promises a multitude of segments and guests.The first episode did not disappoint and included all-stars such as Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Adam Sandler.

Fans of Barrymore remember that Diaz and Liu were her co-stars in Charlie’s Angels, a reunion we were so excited to see! The three chatted about their 20 year friendship and support for one another. To the viewer’s surprise, it was also revealed that Diaz was being projected into the studio, and not there in person. Could have fooled us!

Another past co-star, Adam Sandler and Barrymore even went so far as recreating an iconic scene from 50 First Dates for the show. As we all remember from the movie, Barrymore wakes up to watch a routine message from Sandler explaining to her that she can’t remember the last years due to her amnesia. However, in this recreation of the scene, Barrymore is told that we are living in the midst of a pandemic and learns who our President is.

With these two amazing reunions and recreation, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an E.T. cast reunion and many of her other films.

Following strict Covid-19 protocols, Barrymore’s show can not be filmed in front of a live studio audience. However, that’s not stopping a virtual audience from joining the show! You can get tickets to be in the virtual audience through the official website; all you need is a laptop with working camera and microphone!

The Drew Barrymore Show airs weekdays at 9am EST.

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