The Dramatic ‘RHOP’ Season 5 Finale

The finale was more dramatic than any other Real Housewives of Potomac episode, and that says a lot! We have the top moments.

The end of the Real Housewives Of Potomac is almost here…that was fast! If you’ve been keeping up with Potomac, you know the women have been bringing it every episode! As we get closer to the intense reunion, you know the cast had to finish the finale episode with a bang so let’s get into it!

Juan Proposes

So, all of the biggest moments happened during Robyn and Juans Christmas party, so we’ll be focusing on that. Throughout the season, the subject of Juan re-proposing to Robyn (they’ve been divorced for years but have started dating again) has been brought up quite often.

Well, Juan did it! During the party, after Robyn said her speech to the guests, Juan got up and said his own beautiful speech to Robyn. He got on one knee and proposed with a beautiful diamond ring with a big Morganite stone! The ladies flipped out! My favorite was Wendy’s reaction!!

Karen’s Confronted

At first, the women thought Karen wasn’t coming because she said there were issues with her flight. They thought she was lying and just didn’t want to come after what happened at her wig party.

Eventually, Karen did show, and the women confronted her about almost having Candiace and Monique show up to her wig party at the same time. Karen said she timed it where that wouldn’t happen, but the women didn’t believe her because Candiace pointed out that if she weren’t late and actually showed up at the time Karen gave her, she would’ve been there at the same time as Monique.

She also said Karen knew that, and then the women brought up that Karen originally said she wasn’t inviting Monique.

The Husbands Fight

While the women went back and forth with Karen, the husbands were having their own situations across the room. Ashley’s husband, Michael, confronted Candiace’s husband, Chris, and told him to control his wife (Candiace). Chris did not like that at all and told Michael to get out of his face and nudged him back.

Michael flipped out and threatened to call his lawyers. Ashley and Candiace started yelling at each other, and it was all a mess! Even when it seemed like things cooled down once Chris and Candiace left and Michael and Ashley were moved, turns out things didn’t cool down at all!!

Michael went to production and flipped out even more! They tried removing him, and Ashley was mad and yelling at him for embarrassing her.

Needless to say, this season ended in a very dramatic fashion, and the reunion trailer seems even bigger!! Reunion part one air on Sunday at 9 pm.

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