The DEA Boys Are Back In Town – S5 E3 ‘Better Call Saul’ After Show

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Things are really getting tough for Slippin’ Jimmy as we head into Better Call Saul! If you’re not up to date, catch up! This show is amazing; and we’re here every week to talk about it on the BETTER CALL SAUL After Show! How will we end up where Breaking Bad Begins?! Where’s Kim!? What is Mike going to do next? Join us weekly for predictions, discussion, analysis and guest interviews! Subscribe and comment for a shout out and make sure to stay tuned for all the news and updates on the show!

Episode Recap

Saul meets Lalo and is pulled back into the cartel. Mike gets drunk and asks a bartender to take down a picture of the Sydney Opera house (because Werner’s Dad worked on it). Stumbling home, Mike tears the arm cartilage of a gang member that tries to jump him. Saul meets up with Crazy 8 to rehearse lines. HANK SCHRADER AND STEVE GOMEZ ARE BACK and interrogate Crazy 8 and Saul. THey strike a deal! Kim gets reminded where her bread is buttered which is at Mesa Verde! Kim has to inform a holdout client Mr. Acker that he has to leave his house and he spews truth at her about her own insecurities! Saul tells Lalo he’s out, but Lalo says “nah you’ll make time for us”. Saul is always going to be in. The episode ends with Kim and Jimmy (Saul) smoking on their balcony and throwing bottles. Nacho informs Gus that the DEA is going to raid the “dead drops”.


Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Sean McHugh, Ryan Nilsen, Gabrielle Castania, and Loren Kling!

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